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360 VB Fundraiser Popcorn Junction Registration


360 VB Popcorn Junction Fundraiser

Complete this registration to participate in the  
Popcorn Junction Fundraiser


Let's Pop Up Some Funds!


We are looking forward to making this fundraiser a big success with the

Popcorn Junction.


 It's Simple!! Set your own goal. 

  • Each item sells for only $8
  • (5 Cup Bag)
  • 9 varieties to choose from
  • 50% profit EX: You raise $1000 - Profit $500


Popcorn Junction brochures can be emailed or picked up during your uniform fitting time.


Fundraising time period: 

August 26, 2019 - September 26, 2019


We look forward to making this a huge success. Thank you in advance for all your time and support!



Tarasha Holland for more details -

205-530-6182 or email 360caresbc@gmail.com


Thank you!!